RC mini


Navigation terminal for satellite monitoring

The thing,that really works

Схема подключения

ndication of GSM
Indication of power supply and working regimes
Indication of GPS/GLONASS signal
VCC Power supply of tracker «+»
GND Mass «-»
AIN1 Analog input 1
DIN1- Discrete input 1 (-/+)
DIN1+ Discrete input 1 (+/-))
1-Wire Input 1-Wire
SENSORGND Ground (minus) of tracker for sensors
AIN2* Analog input 2
RS485-A* Interface RS485_A
RS485-B* Interface RS485_B
DIN2+* Discrete input 2 (+/-)
DIN2-* Discrete input 2 (-/+)
OUT1* Discrete output 1
* - provided there is an expansion board RC Clever

RC mini has an opportunity of expansion board RC clever connecting, which expands the functional possibilities of navigation controller.

The connection of the expansion board RC clever makes RC mini top-of-the-line navigation controller, activating the wide range of additional instruments for satellite monitoring.