RC mini


Navigation terminal for satellite monitoring

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RC mini

Navigation terminal RC mini is a qualitative and at the same time reasonable terminal for satellite monitoring, which combines all the necessary host of functions. RC mini is designed for remote location monitoring of different objects and is suitable for every kind of equipment and transport. Connecting of additional sensors, continuous processing of telematic information and exceptional accuracy ensures getting only relevant and reliable information.

  • 3 operating regimes: «Sleep», «Active» and «Roaming»
  • Easy setup with configurator, command to the server or SMS
  • Antitamper protection
  • Remote firmware update
  • On-board and USB charging ability
  • Continuous data request
  • Double SIM – holder for working with 2 SIM – cards and traffic saving while travelling abroad
  • Internal nonvolatile memory up to 75000 points
  • Internal antenna GPS/GLONASS
  • Connecting of many sensors, including wireless
Dimensional specifications 70*65*10, мм
Weight 67 g
Voltage capability 10-44 V
Humidity up to 95 % (uncondensed)
Power consumption (no more than) 1,4 Vt
Working temperature span – 40 +80, °С



An accurate real-time location identification


Data processing from sensors


Posting data to server


Data storing in nonvolatile memory

Operational capability

Alarm warning


Remote motor blocking


Built-in accelometer, driving style control


Connecting of additional sensors possibility

Technical characteristics

Operating supply voltage 12/24 V
Voltage capability 10-44 V
Power consumption (no more than) 1,4 Vt
Surge voltage protection Yes (Up to 500 V)
Polarity reversal protection Yes
Built-in extra battery 200 mА (500 cycles of charging/ discharging, operation lifetime is no more than 1 year)
Operating temperature – 40 +80, °С
Humidity up to 95 % (uncondensed)
Weight: 67 g
Dimensional specifications 70*65*10, мм
Warranty 5 years (since the date of manufacture)
Operation lifetime 10 years

Show all features

Navigation module Quectel MC60
Supported Navigation Systemsth> GLONASS/GPS
Accuracy of determination of coordinates, not worse 2.5 м
Cold start time 35 с
Antenna GPS Internal
Module GSM Quectel MC60
Data link GSM/GPRS (class 10) 850/900/1800/1900
Number of sim cards used 2
Analog inputsth> 1 (with an expansion card - 2). Can be configured as an ignition input
Discrete inputs 1 (with an expansion card- 2). Frequency measurement, pulse counting, connection of discrete sensors.
Interface RS485 1 (connection of devices by protocol LLSOmnicomm)
Interface 1-Wire 1 (connection of temperature sensors Dallas)
Internal non-volatile memory up to 75,000 messages
Built-in accelerometer to determine the quality of driving yes
Remote change of settings and firmware yes

Extended operating capabilities

Flexible setup of track data collecting concerning speed changing, the direction of passed distance and assigned period of time allow to get balanced variant of data collecting, using which you will not miss the significant events, that may happen to your object.

Thanks to a shockproof and high impact case, a wide range of operating temperatures, and surge protection up to 500V, the tracker does not lose its operational capability even in the most difficult climatic and operational conditions.

Another one unique feature of RC mini is that the case of navigation terminal has a possibility to hitch using vacuum suction cups. allowing you to use it as a mobile device for temporary monitoring.

Ingress protection

Surge protection up to 500 V

High impact case

Alternative mounting technologies

RC mini with expansion board (RC clever)

RC mini has a capability of connecting an expansion board, which expands functional capacity of navigation controller.

The connecting of expansion board «RC Clever» essentially increases functional capacity of RC mini, activating the wide range of additional instruments for satellite monitoring.

The additional expansion board provides an opportunity to connect up to 4 sensors, working under the LLSOmnicomm Protocol. Also one additional analog input appears, which has a setup opportunity of ignition input and one combined frequency/ impulsive/discrete input, as well as one discrete output, controlled by commands with relay connecting.

Interface RS485
Additional analog input
Additional discrete input
Additional discrete output

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